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Probably Fine

Hi! I'm a product developer, currently keeping busy at Unruly. I've an interest in eXtreme Programming, Continuous Delivery, and cutting-edge Agile development techniques - I speak semi-regularly on these topics and co-organise XProLo, a monthly meetup for XP practitioners. I wrote a paper on Mob Programming in LBNIP 2015.

I enjoy talking about a range of topics, normally centered around eXtreme Programming, Continuous Delivery, Java, and technology that takes my interest.


Testing in Production @ Pipeline Conf 2015 (with Benji Weber)
Mob Programming - What Works, What Doesn't @ XP 2015


eXtreme Infrastructure - What Can DevOps Learn From XP? @ XProLo (slides)
Scaling Continuous Delivery at Unruly @ Pipeline Conf 2014 (with Benji Weber)


Harmonising XP Practices with DevOps @ XProLo (slides)